About Us

Lean Six Sigma Training Online
The people at Lean Six Sigma Training Online have been managing process and quality improvement projects for over 25 years in such diverse areas as construction, manufacturing, information technology and more.

Our experience has taught us that accelerated change demands accelerated learning. We believe in continuous learning, growth, and reinventing one’s self, and believe that the Six Sigma training offered on this site is true to this spirit.

We are proud to provide professional Six Sigma training aligned with the Six Sigma BOK (Six Sigma Body of Knowledge) of the American Society for Quality, and best practices for developing online training. We provide Six Sigma certification training and continuing education training for professionals who have already earned their Six Sigma certification.

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About Training Course Quality
Our Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing courses are planned, built and reviewed for content accuracy and currency using subject matter experts (SMEs) with many years of industry experience in business education, training and professional development, as well as postgraduate degrees and certification qualifications in project management, Six Sigma, and related areas.  Quality is built into the training courses and then maintained as courses are used and updated.

Instructional Design Philosophy

The Instructional Design Model is based primarily on the concepts of performance-oriented instruction, mastery and the sequencing of instructional activities and strategies. The model draws heavily from adult learning principles that emphasize learner initiative, self-management and experiential learning. The design of each course starts with the definition of user-focused performance objectives and then proceeds to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. Frequent practice questions or exercises along with assessments measure users’ achievement of those objectives. This robust, yet flexible, design methodology creates an instructionally sound framework for the design and development of highly interactive, engaging, and instructionally effective courses—regardless of the content focus or level of learning.

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